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Xfinity as the carrier of TV, telephone, Internet, and wireless services is a part of Comcast Corporation. When it comes to the app, it’s about the TV. So the reason to download Xfinity Stream is first of all access to TV channels right from your iPhone or iPad.


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Features Review

Pocket-sized TV

The main mission of this app is bringing TV experience to your iPhone or iPad. Xfinity delivers lots of channels via its communications; there are too many channels even to list them within this Xfinity Stream review. Even the cheapest plan brings lots to watch.

Not only does the app let you watch live TV broadcasts, but also brings you on-demand shows, lets you purchase movies and shows for constant keeping or rent them for a certain period of time, and offers a TV guide. The app also provides access to your Cloud DVR (if you use it), so you can schedule recording and watch the recorded shows when you want.

While many of these apps work well when at home and in the same local network with your actual TV connected to the receiver, Xfinity Stream provides access to your TV plan while away. You just need to connect to the Internet any way available and launch the app with your Xfinity credentials.

At the same time, while at home, you can benefit from connecting your TV sets and your Apple ecosystem. It’s especially great to use an Apple Watch as a remote. You can start or pause streaming at any moment, or select which device to use to watch TV on.

Is It All So Bright?

Unfortunately, this brilliant idea has its downsides too. The ability to watch TV from anywhere disappears with the new update (let’s hope it’s just a bug to be fixed soon). Its support staff is also reported to fall short on helping with issues when they appear.

Of course, you can neglect all this and still download Xfinity Stream, as the app itself is free. But if you watch TV from outside your home most of the time, then it’s time for questioning whether Xfinity subscription makes sense for you at all.


➠ Many TV channels available;

➠ Good stream quality;

➠ No extra fees;

➠ Watch anywhere.


➠ Not available outside the US;

➠ Updates may be too glitchy;

➠ Support lacks competence.

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