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Wells Fargo Mobile is a banking application by one of the most famous American banking institutions. If you have a W-F account, card, or insurance, that’s a reason for you to download Wells Fargo Mobile app and control your accounts remotely.


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Features Review

What The WF?

With this official Wells-Fargo app you don’t need to visit the bank for routine operations. It’s enough to start the app and authorize to see your balance, your latest transactions, your rewards and all the personal information you may need. If you need to block your credit card, you can also do it within the app.

For making a transaction with the app, you just need to define the sum you send and the receiver’s card or account. Just as easy you can scan the checks with the camera of your iPhone and deposit them. The rest is done with a tap.

The app also lets you withdraw cash with ATMs all over the US even with no card; your iPhone with an NFC module substitutes well. But remember that you’re charged a certain fee for this type of transaction, and it can cause some inaccuracy in displaying your balance.

And if you’re into trading, you’ll appreciate trading tools, too numerous to list in this Wells Fargo Mobile review, but very useful and worth digging into.


Lately, W-F has been noticed in some unfair actions with accounts, cards and insurance. Though these lawsuits seem to have finished well, you better still control your account. Not that your money is under risk because of this, but you better keep your eye on the account to notice if suddenly the bank issues a credit card or offers car insurance you didn’t order. Let’s hope that Wells-Fargo learned from the latest incidents to prevent this type of fraud.

As for your account security, you better create a reliable password and change it periodically, as the apps allows that. With biometric authentication you won’t have to enter your PIN each time, so you better let your iPhone add the card to your Wallet and pay with it or with Apple Watch.


❍ Full access to your accounts and services;

❍ Remote transactions and recurrent payments setup;

❍ Card-free ATM access;

❍ iMessage integration;

❍ Good performance.


❍ Be careful with this app;

❍ No Apple Watch native support.

For Going Well

If you’re a client of this bank, download Wells Fargo Mobile app immediately to save lots of time and nerves.

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