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Skype is still one of the most influent services for messaging, voice and video calls on the Internet. In the face of multiple rivals that seem fitter for the mobile world, many new users download Skype to have it on their iPhones. So it makes sense.


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Features Review

Skype Is the Limit

Now owned by Microsoft, Skype is a centralized service that requires your Microsoft account to log in, or the pre-MS Skype credentials (if you’re still on them). It stores your chat and call logs on its servers, though not talk recordings, of course. It has its own contact list, yet it integrates with your phone book now, so you will see new contact suggestions based on it.

When the contact is online, you can make audio or video calls. Chatting is available when your companion is offline. You can switch between audio and video mode while talking, just tapping the camera icon. While talking on the video you can switch the camera to alternate yourself and the view before your eyes.

Skype is traditionally used for voice and video conferences, with up to 24 speakers. It’s also good for sharing documents that are stored on Microsoft clouds, so they can be downloaded long after they’ve been sent.

Skype calls are logged in the general Recent Calls list, as well as regular phone calls, FaceTime, WhatsApp, and others. So you can easier access the most recent ones even without launching the app.

In this Skype for iPhone review, it should be highlighted that Skype is not meant for calling emergency services. Use a regular phone instead. Anyway, you can use Skype to call cellular and landline phone numbers, and it won’t cost you as much as a regular phone call would. It also offers virtual phone numbers for an extra fee.

Why WhatsApp and Messenger Are No Rivals

Though today we have more mobile messengers, most of them are of a different sort, so they can’t replace Skype. Most of them reveal your phone number (though Telegram and Viber implement hidden number chats), and it can’t be hidden behind an alias. Telegram that claims maximum security offers no video calls. All these messengers are bound to your phone number, while Skype is not, and it can provide you with its own virtual phone number. This last decade relic has its pros, and some of them are a good reason to download Skype for iPhone and use it.


♦ Free messaging, audio and video calls;

♦ Established popularity in business;

♦ Integration with iPhone call logs;

♦ Works well with 3G;

♦ Flexible subscription plans and virtual phone number.


♦ Not meant for emergency calling;

♦ Seems obsolete for fashion followers.

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