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Roblox is more than just a single game. It’s a social network with thousands of games. After you download Roblox, you’ll get access to all of them at once!


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Features Review

Block by Block

In fact, Roblox provides a set of tools for developers and a set of social functions for players. So after you install the app and join the platform, you get access to lots of games within it. From the core app, you can run various games, mostly arcades and simulators, but there are puzzles or action games as well.

Roblox games may lack elaborate graphics, but they are fun in terms of controls and gameplay. All Roblox games feature unified systems of controls: a virtual joystick for moving your character in the left, a camera movement area in the right, some buttons around. So, having mastered this, you won’t waste your time on learning when entering a new game.

After playing, you can rate the game or leave a comment below, sharing your opinion or sending your open feedback to the developer. You can add other players to your friend list, share your favorite games, and invite them. Though most games are free, you can buy items to get some advantage or just to support developers.

What to Play

This Roblox review would have been incomplete without pointing out some prominent games. So here are the titles we thought worth your attention:

Welcome to Bloxburg is a sandbox building simulator with rude graphics but lots of features. Royale High is a good, immersive high life simulation, a kind of la vie en rose game.  Work at a Pizza Place is just what it says on the tin: the simulator of pizza cooking and delivery. Jailbreak is a bank robbery game, a criminal adventure. Clone Tycoon is a sci-fi take on the tycoon scheme. Bee Swarm simulator is a surprisingly fun game, the name being a complete spoiler again. Zombie Attack is an ironic high school adventure.


◆ Many games available;

◆ Unified controls;

◆ Social network features;

◆ Free to play;

◆ Offers various items to buy.


◆ The platform offers limited visuals;

◆ It’s hard to find decent games beyond the featured top.

What Roblox Brings

If you like indie games, with ideas over money and crowd support over corporate resources, you need to download Roblox and enjoy its independence.

Pernille M. Christiansen
Writer at Appleafs
Pernille tests a lot of different apps on her phone. She is a true pro in this field.
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