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While the world is full of messengers connected to your phone number and so exposing your privacy, Discord is a special service for gamers, providing most of the same features, but according to online gaming requirements. Download Discord and try it while playing to coordinate with voice.


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Features Review

Under the Nicknames

While forming the team in any online game, you may need to coordinate your actions in a voice or text chat. Many games feature their own solutions, but Discord is the most versatile. With Discord, you can create or join multiple channels for various games or various teams and sessions within the same game. Selecting the active one will let you hear the others there and speak out to them.

Channels work the other way than, say, public conversations in Skype or WhatsApp. They’re active all the time, and even if all the participants leave, the channel remains active and easy to join in one tap.

Discord features text chat, voice and video communication, as well as sharing pictures and videos. Along with group chats it lets you communicate in private with anyone on your contact list. When you get a call or a message, you get notified.

There are many minor useful features, like SPOILER tags in messages. And when you read this Discord review, there may be more of them, so watch the updates.

Identity Protected

What made Discord popular far beyond gaming is its old-school contact list forming. To start a conversation, you need to join a server or start your own one. Invitations require a 4-digit code. This is the way to keep your privacy intact, as you don’t expose your email or phone number, and your contacts are not added automatically. So you can only invite people you want to see there, avoiding auto adding friends from other contact books on your device.

Of course, your voice or face will be recognized by those who know you. But it’s up to you whether to show it.


⇒ Multiple channels and chats;

⇒ Voice and video calls;

⇒ Privacy-oriented;

⇒ More possible use cases than just gaming.


⇒ Documents and locations can’t be attached to messages (though it’s not for that);

⇒ It’s hard to figure everything out at once;

⇒ Another account to register manually.


If you’re into online gaming, take your time to download Discord and explore it. It’s worth your while with various features and privacy protection.

Pernille M. Christiansen
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